Monday, November 21, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker: Awkward Darling in 1983

Sarah Jessica Parker long before her 'Sex and The City' days

Gen-Xer Sarah Jessica Parker was an ugly duckling as a child but she was talented. An actress her entire life, Sarah Jessica Parker's unique look blossomed and she ended up as Carrie Bradshaw on the television series Sex and the City. Parker's role as Bradshaw on the show cemented her role as a Hollywood fashion plate.

We found this great snapshot of Sarah Jessica Parker at a Thanksgiving party in 1983. Frizzy hair, pale skin, a big nose, didn't matter. She was upbeat, cheery and most definitely lovable.

Bonus: Remember Square Pegs? If you do, you are definitely a Gen-Xer! Check out some great webisodes of the early 80s tween TV show on YouTube, here.

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