Monday, September 19, 2011

Play Donkey Kong Online Free

1980s Donkey Kong screen cap -Play Donkey Kong online now, for free! 

Hey kids of the 80s, been feening for one of the all-time favorite video games from our past? Donkey Kong was one of the most popular, loved and played video games of the 1980s. Donkey Kong, called Donkī-Kongu in Japan, was the first video game where Mario was featured. The game was originally released in 1981 and was followed by Donkey Kong Jr. in 1982 and Donkey Kong 3 in 1983.

Nintendo requested a trademark for the phrase,"It's on like Donkey Kong," in 2010.

Haven't played the original Donkey Kong since the 1980s? Play it online for free here and feel like a kid again. (After the jump!)

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