Monday, August 8, 2011

"Spoonman" Early Demo: Soundgarden

Spoonman: an early demo cut from Soundgarden

On the heels of last week's Soundgarden concert at the Gorge in George, WA, I found myself doing some diggin on YouTube for rare Soundgarden clips or demos. I cam across an early cut of Spoon Man, one of the band's best selling singles, that was briefly featured in the 1992 movie, Singles.

The sound is more raw and frayed around the edges than the finished product, but it still showcases Chris' powerful vocals even before being "cleaned up" in the studio process.

Another interesting tidbit for those of you who may have attended Lollapalooza 1992, remember the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow? Yup, I was there too, and immediately became fascinated with the modern day freak show at the venue. I came across Jim Rose's Facebook page today and found this gem of a photo with he and Chris Cornell, circa August 1992.

Rocking pic!

Ok, I swear I am done with the Soundgarden/ Chris Cornell posts for a bit - at least I'll give it my best shot...heh.

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