Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rainier Beer Commercials from the 1970s [VIDEOS]

Anyone who lived in the Seattle area in the 1970s fondly recalls the commercials for Rainier Beer, which were catchy, funny and obviously memorable.

The particular Rainier Beer commercial from above is from February 1977, and I happen to have it in poster form, hanging in my garage. A lucky little $5 find in a quirky little local store.The Running of the Rainiers (a spoof of the Running of the Bulls) showed local Seattleites running through the alleys of Seattle's Belltown, with the wild Rainier bottles chasing after them.
Vintage Rainier Beer can

Probably the most fondly remembered Rainier Beer commercial from the 1970s was the motorcycle that cruised down a Buckley, WA country road as "Raaiiinneeerr Beeeeerrr...." is heard revving from the bike. A classic Pacific Northwest moment in local pop culture. Watch the commercial below.

Another favorite Rainier Beer commercial came from the 1980s and it featured frogs saying "Rainier," and "Beer." Of course the big wigs over at Budweiser stole this idea about 10 years later, but it wasn't nearly as good, and Seattle locals recognized it as a blatant rip off from Rainier.

Seattle designer Terry Heckler and writer/producer Ed Leimbacher were the men mostly responsible for the Rainier Beer commercials' success in the 1970s and to this day, people in the Pacific Northwest still talk about the ads. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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